March 5, 2008

Multiple Sclerosis

Posted in multiple sclerosis at 1:04 pm by melissasummers

Every hour of every day, someone is diagnosed with MS. MS is a neurologic disease that attacks the central nervous system. It attacks the protective coating around the nerve fibers, causing inflammation and damaging the nerves. Sometimes the damage is temporary, sometimes permanent.

Think about the electrical wiring in your house. A little mouse decides that a wire looks like a good thing to chew on and begins to work on the wires coating. Now you have a light dimming or going out due to that electrical damage, so you set off to repair the damage. Once the wire is all taped up, the light MAY work again, or it may work on occasion, then again it may not work at all!  This is what happens in the body when MS attacks the nerves.

Five years ago, I lost the vision in my right eye from optic neuritis, a common precursor to MS. Time and healing returned my sight.

Last year, I lost the ability to control my right leg. It too returned , with some residual damage. Now 11 months after that relapse and one week after registering for my annual National Multiple Sclerosis Society fundraiser walk, I have lost my left leg. Left leg working or not, I have an upcoming 3 mile walk in May in which I will proudly walk every step of the way!


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