March 11, 2008


Posted in Uncategorized at 10:58 pm by melissasummers

It is now one week after starting my steroids.  Do I feel better? Are they working?  These questions are difficult to answer , as each “flare” or “relapse” of MS is unique.  My leg has movement, at times…  The strength is limited, but there is some there.  All of this is very promising.  However, Sunday morning,  I noticed a redness going up my forearm, surrounded by a bruise.  Now , this of course is not abnormal after having an IV insertion.  Yet, this was the arm in which Tuesdays IV was placed, so the delay of the reaction concerned me somewhat.

So off to see a doctor! Imagine that! (Someday, if I get bored, I’ll have to count all my office visits)

End result is I have phlebitis in my left arm.  Phlebitis is an inflammation or swelling of the vein caused by the irritation of the IV line. It isn’t painful.  Just a little swollen, red and kind of itchy!   So while I am having hot flashes from the steroids, I have to have a warm compress on my arm.  Luckily this is nothing serious and it will be healed with time.


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