March 15, 2008

Taper Time!

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:09 am by melissasummers

I am so excited! The time has arrived in which my dose of prednisone slowly goes down every couple of days. Soon, I’ll not be awake at 2:30am soaked from a hot flash and starving for omelets, no more wanting 10 meals a day! Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my food, but the drive to eat every two hours is a bit much. I have consumed more in the last week than a months worth of meals!

Next week is my one month follow-up visit with my neurologist. Can it really be that time already since my flare? Sometimes, it’s simply amazing.  There are a few things that I need to prepare for this upcoming visit.  He wishes to discuss changes in my medications, as there was some minor concern over the fact of me having a relapse while on interferon therapy.  Interferon therapy is medication that is used to help slow down the disease progress. It is not a cure, it does not prevent relapses, and it does not always work for everyone. What it can do, is slow down the chance of having a relapse, help limit the damage done to the nerves, and help the nerves heal more quickly. My opinion currently, is I am not ready to change my interferon treatment, but that may change after hearing his view. I have only been on my injections for six months, my body is still adjusting to them.  So, I will explain to my physician my  own reasonings and concerns. In return, he will do the same.  This is an important step in managing your health, communication is the key. No matter the disease, or issue, information is vital.  I am very lucky to have found a physician that listens and weighs my concerns. But yet, if he did not, I would be searching for one that has that quality!


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