April 28, 2008


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On February 22, 2008, I lost use of my left leg.  On April 28, 2008, my left leg is officially stronger than my right leg!  While climbing the stairs at work, no toes had gotten hung up on the stair treads and no delay on foot placement. However, later in the day I noticed that it was a bit harder to lift my weight up when stepping up with my right leg. 

Less than one week until the walk..walk it?   Hmmm I may run it!  Well…in my dreams, never was a runner!


April 26, 2008


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Honestly I am quite shy about asking for money donations, even though the charity is for such an important cause.  Why? I wish I knew that answer.

I am impressed by those that have no fear. Soni, my co-worker has that trait that amazes me.  Upon joining my team for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and printing off the pledge forms, she disappeared. Ten minutes later, she returned asking for another form, as hers was all filled up!  About six forms and two days later she has collected numerous pledges!

On another fundraising note. I belong to an online virtual community..another world. In this world, I work with musicians that perform live concerts. Some of these generous musicians donated their time to perform a live 9 hour benefit concert for my charity walk.  Not only was the fact that they donated thier time and talent touch me, but the end total donations of almost 300 dollars sent me into tears.

How to say thank you to all of these amazing people?  Words seem weak and useless. It is hard for me to find how to express the magnitude of my gratitude. But for now, to my friends- THANK YOU!

April 21, 2008

Home Improvement

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I am just astonounded at the rate of recovery on strength and control in my leg.  Maybe these interferons that make me so ill are of benefit after all!  Late last week, when no one was looking, I went up the stairs two at a time..slow and holding on to the rail. No difficulties! Now of course, this was in the morning as afternoons are an entirely different story!

On Saturday, I decided to paint my kitchen. The paint has been sitting in my spare room for a couple of months now. I wear my procrastinator title proudly!   My initial goal was to get the edges and corners cut, as I know how fast my energy can leave my body. Well, that looked odd, and I still  had strength, so I continued on my task.  Now, one cannot go through a day without learning something new…or so my mother has always said.   I now have the pleasure of saying that I learned that if ones balance is a bit screwy..one leaves handprints on freshly wet painted walls!  I have invented an entire new faux painted look!  Home improvement buffs, let the jealousy begin!!!

April 18, 2008

2 Week Notice!

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Only two more weeks unitl the walk!! I cannot wait!  I have been taking short strolls during my lunch break and taking the stairs whenever my balance allows. shh..don’t tell my co-workers..I did the steps today two at a time!! I am simply amazed at how fast the control is returning. Anyway, back to the walk..2 weeks from Saturday!

What?   It’s on a Saturday?   The day after my shot day?   Oh no!  Anyone have an extension cord long enough to cover the 3 miles so I can stay snuggled up in my electric blanket while I have the fever chills?

Ha! Here’s hoping for one of these nice warm days we’ve been having lately!  Warm and sunny, cold and chilly..I’ll be there!



Over 200 hits on this website..I must admit , I am amazed at that number!

April 13, 2008

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While there is no cure for MS, there are medications that can help slow the disease process. These medications are called interferons. The fun part of interferons is that you get to play with needles! WooHoo! Oh the fun things one can do with sharp needles, like jab them in your thigh, or sink them into your hip, ready to sign up for this exciting experience yet?

What interferons do is help lesson the chances of having a relapse (having a nerve get damaged and shut down-remember the mouse and the wiring?) Relapses can still happen, as I have recently discovered while on the medication. But the medication can help by having less damaging relapses and quicker recovery times. Another fact that I am personally discovering as my leg is getting better day by day! The interferons are not without side effects, the most common being flu like symptoms. For me, this was an understatement the first month. After my first injection , my fever was so bad my entire body shook, my jaw and teeth ached from chattering and I made many trips to the restroom to relieve my poor stomach. Now these symptoms ease up over time, and I now only run a fever-sometimes “violent” and sleepless, and sometimes just a low grade fever with body aches for the day afterwards.  I take my injections on Fridays, giving myself Saturdays to regain my strength and rest my body..Saturday plans are usually very  mellow, but isn’t that how Saturdays should be?

Now I have to admit, there was a point in time that I seriously considered to stop the injections. I had my reasons, and to me they were logical.  Thankfully, I had a friend that convinced me the shots were necessary, and thankfully I seen the logic in that. Thank you Duck, for making me realize the entire picture of that decision. Now I am grateful for that advice and thankful that I continued the injections. If I had quit taking them, I would have blamed this relapse on the fact that I wasn’t on anything to prevent it, and my recovery on this relapse may have been an entirely different experience.


April 9, 2008

Get ready to WALK!!!

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The annual National Multiple Sclerosis Society MS Walk in Frankenmuth is less than ONE MONTH away!! Are YOU ready to walk?   Come on folks, it’s only 3 miles…just a short stroll…weather of course is unpredictable but the atmosphere is always SUNNY!!  Just click over to the Frankenmuth Walk located just right of here under pages. This year is very important to me, first it is the first year that I have created a team for my walk.  Second, this month is my 5 year anniversary of learning about myself at a level I never would have discovered had I not been diagnosed with MS.  I have learned that life is special. “Stop to smell the roses” is easy to say, but when your internal spedometer is stuck in1st gear, you not only smell the roses but absorb the fragrance, see the light reflect on the velvet petals and hear the footsteps of the baby grasshopper exploring a whole new world.  I have learned that strength is not just a physical thing, but an emotional entity also.  Through this I have discovered that strength is infinite, regardless of how weak the body or the soul may seem, STRENGTH HAS NO BOUNDRIES! And that phrase will be my motto this year. I designed a logo for this year that includes that motto, so any ideas on what we can do with that graphic, I am open to ideas!

April 2, 2008

Rough Day

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Rough day at work, was very busy in the morning and my stamina just is nonexistant at times. Once I reach the point of fatigue, my legs tend to go into spasms.  I still used the stairs…legs are not allowed a vacation! My toes would sometimes catch the edge of the steps, but I take care and time climbing them, I need to get those muscles built back up again. 

Good news, it was Tuesday, and I have Wednesday off to rest!  Now this Wednesday thing..it is neccessary, a tool, and I really have mixed feelings about it.  I long for the relaxing, but am frustrated my the limitations. I want to be home..but do not want to be home. It is best that I don’t think too hard on that matter!  It has helped on my fatigue and getting through the work week.

Now MS fatigue, is unique. For myself, it feels like in my thinking processes, that I have not had sleep in a few days, things are foggy and thoughts are slow to process. Physically, the best way to describe it is the feeling you have when leaving the water, and experiencing the weight of gravity after swimming for a long peroid of time.  The heaviness of the limbs and the weight of the body seem to drag and protest at leaving that weightlessness feeling of being suspended in water.  My balance is affected, and my legs do not always go exactly where I tell them to move.  I seen a tshirt slogan:” I used to be nice to look at, but with MS now I am fun to watch!” This is truly a perfect phrase!