April 2, 2008

Rough Day

Posted in multiple sclerosis at 12:01 pm by melissasummers

Rough day at work, was very busy in the morning and my stamina just is nonexistant at times. Once I reach the point of fatigue, my legs tend to go into spasms.  I still used the stairs…legs are not allowed a vacation! My toes would sometimes catch the edge of the steps, but I take care and time climbing them, I need to get those muscles built back up again. 

Good news, it was Tuesday, and I have Wednesday off to rest!  Now this Wednesday thing..it is neccessary, a tool, and I really have mixed feelings about it.  I long for the relaxing, but am frustrated my the limitations. I want to be home..but do not want to be home. It is best that I don’t think too hard on that matter!  It has helped on my fatigue and getting through the work week.

Now MS fatigue, is unique. For myself, it feels like in my thinking processes, that I have not had sleep in a few days, things are foggy and thoughts are slow to process. Physically, the best way to describe it is the feeling you have when leaving the water, and experiencing the weight of gravity after swimming for a long peroid of time.  The heaviness of the limbs and the weight of the body seem to drag and protest at leaving that weightlessness feeling of being suspended in water.  My balance is affected, and my legs do not always go exactly where I tell them to move.  I seen a tshirt slogan:” I used to be nice to look at, but with MS now I am fun to watch!” This is truly a perfect phrase!


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