April 9, 2008

Get ready to WALK!!!

Posted in multiple sclerosis at 1:02 am by melissasummers

The annual National Multiple Sclerosis Society MS Walk in Frankenmuth is less than ONE MONTH away!! Are YOU ready to walk?   Come on folks, it’s only 3 miles…just a short stroll…weather of course is unpredictable but the atmosphere is always SUNNY!!  Just click over to the Frankenmuth Walk located just right of here under pages. This year is very important to me, first it is the first year that I have created a team for my walk.  Second, this month is my 5 year anniversary of learning about myself at a level I never would have discovered had I not been diagnosed with MS.  I have learned that life is special. “Stop to smell the roses” is easy to say, but when your internal spedometer is stuck in1st gear, you not only smell the roses but absorb the fragrance, see the light reflect on the velvet petals and hear the footsteps of the baby grasshopper exploring a whole new world.  I have learned that strength is not just a physical thing, but an emotional entity also.  Through this I have discovered that strength is infinite, regardless of how weak the body or the soul may seem, STRENGTH HAS NO BOUNDRIES! And that phrase will be my motto this year. I designed a logo for this year that includes that motto, so any ideas on what we can do with that graphic, I am open to ideas!



  1. Mom said,

    I am training, a half mile a day, so what if I will be spending some time next month in Frankenmuth. Sounds like fun to me.
    OR think of it as training for some shopping.LOL

  2. Heidi said,

    Hey, Jilli & I trained today for the walking & the shopping! Probably 3 miles logged between Genesee Valley & Kohls!

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