April 21, 2008

Home Improvement

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:38 am by melissasummers

I am just astonounded at the rate of recovery on strength and control in my leg.  Maybe these interferons that make me so ill are of benefit after all!  Late last week, when no one was looking, I went up the stairs two at a time..slow and holding on to the rail. No difficulties! Now of course, this was in the morning as afternoons are an entirely different story!

On Saturday, I decided to paint my kitchen. The paint has been sitting in my spare room for a couple of months now. I wear my procrastinator title proudly!   My initial goal was to get the edges and corners cut, as I know how fast my energy can leave my body. Well, that looked odd, and I still  had strength, so I continued on my task.  Now, one cannot go through a day without learning something new…or so my mother has always said.   I now have the pleasure of saying that I learned that if ones balance is a bit screwy..one leaves handprints on freshly wet painted walls!  I have invented an entire new faux painted look!  Home improvement buffs, let the jealousy begin!!!


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