April 26, 2008


Posted in multiple sclerosis at 1:27 pm by melissasummers

Honestly I am quite shy about asking for money donations, even though the charity is for such an important cause.  Why? I wish I knew that answer.

I am impressed by those that have no fear. Soni, my co-worker has that trait that amazes me.  Upon joining my team for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and printing off the pledge forms, she disappeared. Ten minutes later, she returned asking for another form, as hers was all filled up!  About six forms and two days later she has collected numerous pledges!

On another fundraising note. I belong to an online virtual community..another world. In this world, I work with musicians that perform live concerts. Some of these generous musicians donated their time to perform a live 9 hour benefit concert for my charity walk.  Not only was the fact that they donated thier time and talent touch me, but the end total donations of almost 300 dollars sent me into tears.

How to say thank you to all of these amazing people?  Words seem weak and useless. It is hard for me to find how to express the magnitude of my gratitude. But for now, to my friends- THANK YOU!


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