May 7, 2008

National MS Walk 2008

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This years walk was simply amazing. It is difficult to find the words to properly explain the emotions, the atmosphere and even the physical portion of the walk.

The small town of Frankenmuth was crowded by those that came to walk, volunteer and support the efforts against Multiple Sclerosis.  The walkers were many and varied. There were those that walked fast, some took a pleasant stroll, some had wheelchairs or scooters, and there were some that walked those 3 miles with the supporting arms of friends and family keeping them on their feet.  There are days on this earth when we ALL feel tired, feel like we might collapse if we take another step.  There are times when we feel that we are physically unable to accomplish something due to limitations.  No one is immune from these feeling regardless of health or physical status.  But, the mind and the heart are powerful forces, nothing is impossible. Need proof?  Attend one of these events.  Watch the heart take control of the body. Watch those that can barely stand pass under the finish line balloon arch. Watch their eyes.  Were they letting their body tell them that was an impossible feat?

Now this years walk, just as the year before took place 2 months after I had lost use of a leg.  So yes, the walk for me has been a challenge…not sure if that is the correct word to use. Let’s just say the walk is my way of telling my body, who is in charge.  So not only am I raising money to further research and help fund education, but this event also has helped raise spirits and faith within me.


This year, I was accompanied by an official team!   Now not only did I physically have five individuals with me on that overcast spring day, but I had an uncountable number of those that were with me in heart, mind and spirit.  For everyone involved, I thank you all dearly.


I also have a very special thank you to my virtual but very real friends.  For those that spend most of their time on the material “real life” plane, I would like to introduce to you my virtual friends.  On an online community that replicates real life, but with fun added extras like flying, I work with a large group of amazingly talented and generous musicians. Routinely, they perform concerts from their home, stream it online into a virtual world. Now some of these musicians played in a nine hour benefit to raise funds for my walk.  And raise funds they did!  The total donations reached almost 300 dollars. Below is a picture of myself standing next to my virtual self “Summer” in the green dress. Around me are a few the the wonderful musicians from various parts of the world that donated their time and talent to raise funds for my walk.  Thank you First Call Musicians Cooperative, for your generosity and support in the past year.




  1. Mom said,

    The miles melted away when I watched Melissa walk. We are all so proud of her and her fight against this desease. Melissa has this amazing faith deep within to show us all that she will fight or laugh before she will slow down.
    We raised lots of $ to help fight MS. We had yard/bake sales along with Melissa’s virtural music. I am sure many other ideas will come in the next year.

    God Bless

  2. melissasummers said,

    Well, I was raised by a very strong woman that had taught me to find the best of life, to find joy in small things, to have goals, and to NEVER stop trying.
    Fight or laugh..well, in my eyes, you cannot have one without the other. I might as well find fun in the things that I cannot change.

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