June 12, 2008

I did it!

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I did it. 

It took me all day, but I did it. 

 I did it all by myself. 

It’s been a long time since it’s been done by yours truly, but ….


I  began this task..umm not a task..  I began this event at 9 am this morning and finally finished at 8:37 this evening.  Hello, Guiness book of records, how do I apply?  Now, just to clarify, it did not really truly take me almost twelve hours, I had to take many many breaks!  It was about 4 separate “sessions” to complete. 

I haven’t mowed the lawn in almost 2 years. It has always been one of the more enjoyable chores to take on.   So why on earth would I do such a crazy thing on my “day off for rest in the middle of the week” ?   We had to buy a new mower..and I simply wanted to see if I could get it started. Now of course once it’s running , and with gas prices as high as they are, might as well make a few rows in the yard.  The new mower is much more difficult to manuever in my opinion.  However, my opinion may not count for much as I am no longer an expert at lawn care!  Four rows and my body decided that it had enough. Later I took the dogs out and looked at the goofy stripes in the lawn. Now who can leave stripes in their lawn? If it is possible, I could have left them!  Guess what?  I had to add a few more stripes so the first ones wouldn’t look so lonely.  As the day progressed, the stripes began to outnumber the unruly lawn.   Finally, this evening in the cool air, I started the mower back up again to finish the last 4 rows. The smell of fresh cut greens filled the yard, and a sense of victory began to arise at the idea that I was almost done.

Wheeling the heavy mower back to it’s home in the garage, I turned to my dogs with a smile.  “Did you see?  I asked them excitedly “Did you see what I just did!  I did it all by myself!”   Joker, my usually mellow black lab, jumped and cheered along with me. “Good job Mom!”   Harley, my chocolate lab who always had agreed with me in the past, just rolled his eyes. I stuck my tongue out at him and then the three of us shuffled through the fallen grass clippings to head inside, all exhausted from our adventure out of doors.