July 8, 2008

Accidental Creativity

Posted in multiple sclerosis tagged , , at 11:40 pm by melissasummers

My apologies on lack of updates recently!  As the weather warms, things get busy..I know I am not alone on that scenario.

Multiple Sclerosis affects many different parts of the body, physically and mentally.  Losing cognitive skills is a very common symptom or side effect of the disease.  I have found in the last year that multi-tasking is a bit more difficult and learning new things does not come as easy as it has in the past.  However, age is also a culprit. Yet, my next visit to my specialist, I would like to bring up this concern.

A couple of weeks ago, after arriving at work, I had the feeling that my right leg was longer than the left.  My foot placement felt odd and my gait was off.  Now of course with MS, odd feelings and symptoms are “normal”, so I plodded onward.  Since I felt like my foot was not stepping down where it should, I glanced down to see where my left foot was landing when I took a step.  To my surprise and horror…I was wearing TWO DIFFERENT SHOES!!  In my own defense, they were both brown and I had the right shoe on the right foot, the left shoe on the left foot…that should count for something correct?  

 So what’s a girl with two different shoes to do?  This girl laughed, laughed hard and long, and then showed off my “pedi-creativity” to my co-workers.


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  1. Mom said,

    Don’t worry daughter, things like that happen when you get older also. I wore different shoes to work last year.

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