July 11, 2008


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After cleaning a few corners of the house, we decided that the holiday weekend would be perfect for a yard sale.  We live just off a main road, perfect to snag those traveling North for a long weekend getaway.  Such work! Early start, late close..but between our sale and our neighbor across the street, we managed to block traffic on the road often.

Joker decided that the front yard is his haven.  Even though he escapes the backyard and roams whenever the oppertunity arises, he is a perfect gentlemen in the front yard.  He made sure all visitors were welcomed and would follow closely anyone that briefly touched him..one would think he has been ignored his entire life!




With the sale proceeds, it was time to upgrade my dilapitated shed in the backyard.  I found a great deal on a metal shed, but first the old one needed demolished! What fun!  So Harley and I set out to acclompish the demolition duty!

Harley and I flipped the shed over to reach the roof, and discovered colonies of insects underneath..Sorry to say, we destroyed an entire bug habitat.  My favorite little ones, that posed for me were the yellow and green slugs 🙂

So now I have a demolished shed and the new one is yet to be erected!  Another Wednesday “rest day”.


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