September 19, 2008

Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me,

Happy Birthday to me,

Happy Birthday to me…e…e..e..

Happy Birthday to me!

Today was the perfect day for a birthday, the kind of day that many born in January fantasize about. The sun was shining, a perfect 71 degrees and not a snowflake in sight!

Of course, nothing against my “day” in January, for it marks the origin of my start in this life. Today is another birthday, not an anniversary, holiday or festive occasion created to provide greeting card creators a reason to generate income. Today was the day that I administered to myself interferon shot number 52.

The interferon that I take to help combat Multiple Sclerosis is one that is injected once a week. Since there are 52 weeks in a year….that equals ONE YEAR OF INTERFERON THERAPY!

Honestly, I never dreamed that I would make this milestone. It has been a year of doubts, fears and weaknesses. Interferon therapy is not fun, it’s hard on the body, and it makes me ill for the 24 hours following my shot. There had been more than one occasion in which I seriously considered going off the medication. Thankfully, deep logical thinking and reviews of the medication studies kept me on track.

I do find it odd, the feeling of celebration that is surging through my body. Is it possible for me to celebrate a medication that makes every inch of my body ache? Celebrate waking up at 2am with chills so severe, that my teeth are chattering hard enough to make my jaw hurt? Celebrate that every Friday night I get to sink a needle almost 2 inches in length deep into my leg, knowing that it will bring on these side effects?


Today I celebrate that I was strong enough to continue the interferon therapy. I celebrate that although I had a disease relapse that took my left leg, the strength and control in that leg quickly returned. I celebrate that I have a wonderful and knowledgeable health care team. Finally, I celebrate that I am doing everything that I can possibly do to keep this disease from progressing.





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