October 3, 2008

Fall Neurologist Visit

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Since my relapse in February, I have seen my neurologist every 4 months to monitor my recovery.  During my visit we discuss my progress on any medication changes.  After my last appointment, the dose on my anti-spasticity medication was decreased due to magnified existing fatigue and unbelievable brain fog!

As silly as it sounds, I literally was sleeping on my feet.  While everyone smiles at a small child that has fallen asleep in the midst of a meal, it’s really not as cute when you’re 35!  Although I am still having spsticity problems, the changed dosage is the best balance at this moment in time.

Next, a few simple muscle resistance exercises on each of my arms and legs to see where any weak areas or motor skill dysfunctions may be occurring.  These are just simply a “push and pull” against the neurologist’s hand.

Finally my gait is observed.  I find it difficult to show how I walk “normally” while crossing a small exam room, very aware that my steps are carefully watched.  I still have occasional foot drop on the right side.  Good news is my left leg which was affected by the most recent relapse has very little difficulty!

Finally the words I have been waiting for….

“Come back for a recheck in 6 months.”

Yeah!  A 6 month recheck is my usual, normal, routine visit!   Now the question is…does this qualify me as usual and normal?