December 11, 2008

My Friend

Posted in multiple sclerosis at 7:19 am by melissasummers

Each year as the temperatures get lower, my spasticity increases.  Most commonly my legs are affected, but when it is cold the back of my arms and my stomach also start contracting. 

Overall, my legs have been very well with coordination and even strength.  Stairs give me minor troubles, but as long as I am careful, they are not an obstacle.  When I did have problems with steps and getting off the floor, one of my dogs was always there for me to hold on to and steady myself. 

Last week, I lost that beautiful helper of mine.  He was more than a helper.  He was always there for me, during floor exercise time, walking exercise time, and during my sitting down and crying my eyes out times when frustration took over..he was there for me to hold.  During his last month, I held him, cheered him on and helped him..just as he had supported me in the past.  That circle was now complete and it was his time to move on.  He had shown me the meaning of devotion.  And I was able to show him that I learned that lesson as I held him during his passing.

 I was blessed that he shared the last seven years of his time here in our home.  The lessons and memories that he has left us with are numerous and precious. 

Peaceful journey Joker…you will be missed.



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