January 29, 2009

2009 Walk Preparations!

Posted in multiple sclerosis at 7:06 pm by melissasummers

Time is flying, and preparations for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society Michigan walk are underway!  Right now I have been getting my webpage ready for the walk and soon will be looking for team members to join me on the 3 mile trek on May 9, 2009.

It’s exciting as not only does this raise money for research and education but for myself it is a personal challenge as I have some mobilty issues.

My mobilty isssues are very minor right now but I am very cautious as I approach this time of year since this is the season that I have had relapses the last 2 years.  My right foot has been giving me some trouble..I am in contact with my neurologist currently to see if this is something that needs looked at in detail.  Cross your fingers!


January 9, 2009

Happy New Year

Posted in multiple sclerosis at 10:22 pm by melissasummers

Happy New Years!  

Some take the mark of the New Year to use as a fresh slate for a new beginning with an organized list of  resolutions.   As for myself, organization is not a word in my vocabulary.   Life changes too quickly and easily to make any dramatic changes or plans.  For the most part I live one day at a time, giving my attention to what needs attending, either body or spirit.    This trait is also what has kept me “sane” during all the inconsistencies that MS throws around.  

Of course MS is not the only things throwing things around..last week a wind storm decided that our front tree would look much better laying down in the drive on top of our two cars.  Thankfully, the tree was removed,  we had use of a generator ( Thanks Mom & Dad) for the 3 days without power and we have a loaner car to get us through until our vehicles are fixed.

Life is well.  No, I didn’t plan on having such a minor disaster, but everything works out in the end regardless of whenever the end may occur.  Even disasters can provide lessons that are important in life.    After all, one needs not to wait for the next New Years to start anew…a fresh start is just a moment away, ready or not!