February 12, 2009

Post Neuro Visit and Tools of the Trade

Posted in multiple sclerosis at 9:28 pm by melissasummers

On Wednesday I had a visit to my neurologist that was moved up a few weeks because of the trouble I had been having with my feet and ankles.  The last few weeks it has felt as though I have been walking around on ice skates with no ice.  My ankles feel very tired and weak.  And of course, once anything in my lower extremities feels weak, my balance gets unstable.

The good news is that I am not in the midst of a relapse, so no steroids.  The other good news is that I will be fitted this week for an AFO, a brace to keep my foot from dangling when I raise it to take a step.  While some may not consider a brace “good news”, I see it as a tool to help me stay moving.

It’s important to keep viewing assistive devices like braces and canes as tools, so many easily convert the views of these items as a sign of the disease “winning”.  But these items can be priceless .  With these things I am able to walk distances, or over uneven ground.  I also like to classify my medications also as useful tools that enable me to perform better than what I would be without them.  (Although I tend to have a love/hate relationship with my meds) 

Hopefully the  AFO will help keep me from tripping on my own feet, make climbing steps less tricky and also will help my energy levels as it will be less work to walk as my gait is affected by my misbehaving ankles.  Basically, I am excited about my fitting on Friday…I am hoping though that I will not have to get new shoes to fit around the brace, mine are only a few weeks old and I am not one for shopping!


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