June 3, 2009

MS Walk 2009

Posted in multiple sclerosis at 11:18 am by melissasummers

Wow, time is flying! The walk was a few weeks ago, I cannot believe that it has been that long already.
Like every year, the sky was dark and gloomy..I honestly think it is a tradition.
With husband in the car and dog on the leash getting ready to load up, thunder and lightening greeted us a “Good Morning”. Now dog was not so sure about that greeting! But with all the training and socialization that I have been doing with her, I really wanted her on this walk. So we drove through the rain to the walk site…walked through the pouring rain to the registration building..sigh..at that point I wasn’t sure if I was going to walk in that kind of weather.
But by the time registration was done, my team gathered, dog wrangled, and ribbon cutting ceremony done, the skies cleared out for our walk.  We even had a few patches of sunshine to light our way.
Nova, our pup, did wonderfully. She even had a great dane walking behind her for a stretch that kept goosing her behind, she would jump but stayed in a heel position.  I am so proud of her!  The only time she had an issue was at the end of the walk when a volunteer went to place a finishing medal around her neck.  “You want to put something else around my neck!!??”
While there were many in attendance at the walk, it was certain that the weather had kept quite a few at home.
I am proud to say that my brace worked wonderfully! I had no problems at all walking the 3 miles….first time in 2 years without my cane!!
Special thanks to my family and my co-workers that joined me on that somewhat dreary day to walk and supprt the cause! Cheers!




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