November 8, 2008


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No matter anyone’s physical abilities, physical activity is important to support the body and it’s functions.  Living with MS, exercise has become important for me to keep my muscles stretched to help combat my spasticity.  My spasticity is only slightly relieved by medication, and that combined with exercise lowers the pain levels a touch further.  Spasticty and it’s best friend, MS fatigue make exercise difficult.  My stamina is nonexistent which had completely taken any cardiovascular exercise out of my routines.

A few weeks ago I invested in a currently popular and difficult to find video game system that has an exercise program designed for the typical couch potato.  This program concentrates on strength, yoga and most importantly to me, balance.  It offers interactive training while safe in your own home, another plus for myself.

Lately I have a new favorite on this program…jogging in place.  While running through a nice virtual park filled with happy “people” waving and cheering me on, I am able to get my heart rate increased.  The jogging in place allows me to not worry about foot drop causing my to stumble, unlike my treadmill which had become a very dangerous piece of equipment!

As for the balance workouts, I believe my overall balance has improved.  However, there are still some days that no matter how strong I am, MS completely steals away my coordination.