March 19, 2008

Chuckles at the Doctor’s Office

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Today was the day for my one month follow up visit.   For some reason I was a bit anxious about this visit today, not nervous, just ready for this appointment. Now my appointment was scheduled for the afternoon, which of course means a nice long wait in the appropriately named “Waiting Room”.   Now, the seasoned “waiter” that I am, I nestled down into a seat with my book.  In the seat across from me, was a gentleman, dressed in worn clothing.  His ragged coattails brushed the floor, and his patched trousers were a bit large for his modest frame.  Curiousity now brought my attention from the pages of my book to the aura surrounding this being nearby.  He spoke of being a plasterer and how that occupation is in decline. He shared his story on how lucky he was during his health problems.  He spoke with a smile in his voice and cheer in his spirit, that was infectious to all.  This fellow didn’t need need his white painted smile to show his happiness in life, when his name was called, he rose with a spring in his step, and Chuckles the clown headed off for his appointment.

Another 15 minutes was my turn. Basically, my strength is returning. Yes, it will take some time. But healing is present. There is still delay in reponse from when I tell my leg to “MOVE”. And pivoting on that leg still is not graceful by any means.  Of course, I have never , ever been graceful!! I have started working on my gait on the treadmill this morning, something that I really can only do when I have some stamina. 

Good news is no medication changes are neccessary, something that I had wanted.  So, providing that nothing happens in the near future, I do not have to return to my neurologist until June!

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  1. Jamie said,

    I want to state for the record, your movement is not nearly as awkward looking as your humor makes it out to be. And although you truly have never been hmmm…graceful…that does seem to be the wrong word, but will do for now…though you aren’t graceful by history standards…you walked with much grace during our last visit.

    Also, I want to state for the record of anyone reading this…Your “grace” and humor are a gift and Godsend. You amaze me every time we talk and see each other. From one sick person to another, you move me. Your gift at finding the humor in life sets you apart from the masses and gives the people in your life that moment of pause to delight in the wonders of your true grace.

    You are the best friend a girl could ever have. I just wanted to point out how wonderful you are to the other people reading this.

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